ATSS Holdings SDN BHD is a technical solutions specialist in the automotive industry. It focuses on working with various overseas business partners, system integrators and consultants to provide systems solutions based on customer’s requirements. Our team provides support and services to ensure that systems function smoothly during testing or production.

As a local company, it provides on-site support to customers in the shortest time possible to ensure the operations run smoothly and avoid unnecessary long machinery downtime. In order to provide better after sales service, our branch offices are located near our customers. We always maintain a close rapport with our customers and constantly provide them with technology updates to upgrade their existing equipment and processes to meet market demands.


ATSS Holdings Sdn Bhd’s vision is to be the leader in the specialized equipment & systems sector in the automotive industry supported by technical consultation and after sales support expertise.


ATSS Holdings Sdn Bhd’s mission is to achieve continuous growth by adding quality customers and business partners and upgrading the skills and knowledge of employees.

Business Division

ATSS Holdings Sdn Bhd Business Division as below:

  1. Equipment Sales & Services
  2. Engineering Design & Project Management
  3. Environmental Project & General Industrial
  4. One Stop Service Centre & Technical Services for Paint Shop & Chemical Services